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  • Behringer B-1 Cardioid Condenser Studio Mic

  • Scarlett Solo Focusrite 2nd Gen Interface

  • TwistedWave

  • Source Connect Standard, Zoom/Skype capable

 Age Range: Teens-Mid 30's, Kid Voices, Teens, Young Adult, Seniors

Voice Description: Warm, Bright/Clear, Friendly, Intelligent, Trustworthy, Comedic, Manic,

    Confident, Seductive, Inspirational

Vocal Specialties: Kids and Teens, Accents, Professional Singer, Improv, Original Characters

Areas of Expertise: Animation, Commercial, Video Games, E-Learning, Jingles, Explainer                                                Videos

Dialects: Standard American, Southern (Texas, Southeast), Irish, Scottish, British (RP, Cockney &

  Modern), Australian, Minnesotan Midwest, New York (Queens, Bronx), Appalachian,        French, Russian, A.I., Transylvanian 


Voice Samples