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  • Sennheiser MKH 416 Studio Mic

  • Behringer B-1 Cardioid Condenser Studio Mic

  • Scarlett Solo Focusrite 2nd Gen Interface

  • TwistedWave

  • iZotope RX 8

  • Source Connect Standard, Zoom/Skype/Teams 

  • Broadcast-Ready

 Age Range: Teens-Mid 30's (Commercially), Kids-Young Adult, Seniors (Character)

Voice Description: Warm, Bright/Clear, Friendly, Intelligent, Trustworthy, Upbeat, Comedic,
Confident, Seductive, Inspirational

Vocal Specialties: Youthful Characters, Accents/Dialects, Singer, Improv, Original Characters

Areas of Expertise: Animation, Commercial, Video Games, Dubbing, Corporate Narration

Dialects: Standard American, Southern (Texas, Southeast), Irish, Scottish, British (RP, Cockney &
                 Modern), Australian, Minnesotan Midwest, New York (Queens, Bronx), Appalachian,                           French, Russian, A.I., Transylvanian 



Animation/Video Game Demo
Commercial Demo

Clients Include



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Voice Samples/Original Characters

Cassie Sample
ELENA Sample

Young Girl, Upbeat, Playful

Dylan Sample

Young Boy, Adventurous

Kit Sample

Nerdy, Passionate Preteen 

James Sample

Gothic Teen Witch

Briley Sample

Fall-Loving Basic Girl

Trixie Sample

Trailer Park Pup With Big Dreams

Josey Sample

Western Teen Shero

Shawn Sample

Stoner Gender Neutral Teen

Kelsea Sample

Vampire Cinefile

Bex Sample

My Voice, Sarcastic Badass

Jade Sample

Overly Enthusiastic Yoga Teacher On The Edge

Piper Sample

Sassy Scottish Barkeep

A.I. Navigator for SpaceShip

Emma Sample

Jaded British Soldier

Fiona Sample

Skeptical Celtic Fairy 

Kristov Sample

Questionable Russian Ballet Teacher

Luce Sample

Blue-Collar British Butcher/Amateur Therapist

Olivia Sample

Transatlantic Socialite

Billie Sample

Intense Southern Troop Leader

Sheron Sample

 Cheap Wine-Drinking MILF

Carol Sample

Midwestern Homemaker/Neatfreak

Darla Sample

NY former Broadway Star/Acting Coach

Agatha Sample

Disgruntled Comedic Witch


Creepy Southern Undertaker

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